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Advantages and disadvantages of CNC machines

Advantages and disadvantages of CNC machines

  • Time of issue:2022/01/20

(Summary description)Advantages and disadvantages of CNC machines

Advantages and disadvantages of CNC machines

(Summary description)Advantages and disadvantages of CNC machines

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Advantages and disadvantages of CNC machines


CNC parts processing actually is named from Hong Kong.It was later introduced into the Pearl River Delta of the mainland. Actually, it is a CNC milling machine. It is called "CNC machining center" in Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. It is a new processing technology. The main task is to program the processing program and convert the original manual work into computer programming. Of course, manual processing experience is also required.


CNC parts processing route determination:

The feed and processing route of the CNC lathe refers to the turning tool moving from the tool setting point (or the fixed origin of the machine tool) to the time return point, the path at the end of the processing program, including the cutting processing path and the non-cutting idle stroke such as cutting of the tool path.

The feed paths for finishing are basically a sequence of their partial part contours. Therefore, the focus of determining the feed route is to determine the feed route for roughing and idling strokes.



In CNC lathe processing, the determination of the processing route should follow the following principles:


1. The accuracy and surface roughness of the added parts should be guaranteed.


2. The processing path is the shortest, the idle travel time is reduced, and the processing efficiency is improved.


3. Try to simplify the workload of numerical calculation and simplify its processing process.


4.For some repetitive programs, subroutines should be used.

CNC machining has the following advantages:


1. The number of tools is greatly reduced, and the processing of complex parts does not require complex tools. If you want to change the shape and size of the part, you only need to modify the part machining program, which is suitable for developing and modifying new products.


2. The processing quality is stable and the processing precision is high, which is suitable for the processing requirements of unmanned aerial vehicles.


3. With many varieties and specifications, the production efficiency of small batch production is high, which can reduce the time for production preparation, machine tool adjustment and process inspection, as well as the time for optimal cutting amount.


4. It can be used to process complex surfaces, and even some processing parts that cannot be observed by the naked eye can be processed.for example Plunger Rod



Disadvantages of CNC machining:


Machine tools are expensive and require a high level of maintenance staff.


Now we have more than 30sets of CNC machines.Fortunately, our CNC practitioners have more than ten years of work experience, especially the supervisor-level staff have been professionally trained, and have rich experience in the operation of machine tools and programming settings.


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