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Classification of cages

Classification of cages

  • Time of issue:2021/11/25

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Classification of cages

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Cage,usually refers to bearing cage,also known as bearing retainer, refers to a bearing part that partially wraps all or part of the rolling elements and moves therewith. It is used to isolate the rolling elements and usually guides the rolling elements and keeps them in the bearing.


The cage will receive the mechanical action of friction, tension and inertial force during operation, and will also be subject to the chemical action of certain lubricants, additives, solvents or heat sinks. Therefore, the design and material of the cage play a vital role in its performance and bearing reliability.


The cages of deep groove ball bearings are divided into the following types:

A.Rivet type cage:

The high-precision strip steel is stamped and formed into a cage with a spherical pocket, and it is fixed with rivets. Usually used for Hongtai Bearing small and medium deep groove ball bearings.

B.Curved claw cage:

The high-precision strip steel is stamped and formed into a cage and a claw with a spherical pocket. Two teams of retainers are caulked. Usually used for Hongtai Bearing miniature deep groove ball bearings.

C.Synthetic resin material cage:

Synthetic resin cages are mixed with many materials, such as nylon PA66,PA46 with glass fiber, which has self-lubricating and low-noise properties. Low noise bearings usually used for Hongtai Bearing.

As one of the important components in bearing accessories, the quality of the cage is a key factor affecting the quality of the bearing. Hongtai Bearing independently develops and produces various types of cages, using imported raw materials, fully automatic stamping, and 100% quality inspection to ensure that our bearings can meet the expected requirements. For more information, please visit:


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