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Three types of Casters Bearings

Three types of Casters Bearings

  • Time of issue:2023/07/06

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Three types of Casters Bearings

(Summary description)

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Casters are a general term that includes movable casters, fixed casters, and movable brake casters.

But regardless of the type of casters, it needs to use bearings.

Today we will introduce three commonly used casters bearings.




As a classic bearing, 608-ZZ/B16 is widely used in various fields.

The extended inner rings at both side 4.5mm not only facilitate installation, but also save costs.

Especially in response to current customer demands for price reductions, using specially designed bearings is a good way to reduce costs.




This 6201-ZZ/B21.5 has the same inner ring extension method as 608-ZZ/B16, and it is also extended 5.75mm at both side.

In general, the usage of this bearing is relatively less.

However, we have also manufactured,and efforts to meet the different needs of our customers, which is our constant goal.




Although this is also a 6201-ZZ with an extended inner inner rings, the extension method is different from the previous one.

One side is extended by 6mm, and the other side is extended by 12mm,total length of inner ring is 28mm.

Thats why we named 6201-ZZ/B28


In the Ningbo region, we have over 20 years of experience in the production of caster bearings.

Our products are exported to Japan, the United States, etc.

Any questions,or wish further information,please do not hesitate to contact with us.


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