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Non-standard products in industrial mechanization

Non-standard products in industrial mechanization

  • Time of issue:2021/11/05

(Summary description)Non-standard products in industrial mechanization

Non-standard products in industrial mechanization

(Summary description)Non-standard products in industrial mechanization

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  • Time of issue:2021-11-05 15:44
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Now go to any factory with a slightly larger scale, they are bound to have automated production.


For standard parts, automation has indeed increased production, but it has also caused a series of problems. For example, once the raw materials are in a hurry, there will be a risk of raising prices. Similarly, in the case of overcapacity, the backlog of products has led to the stagnation of market sales, and then there is a risk of lowering prices and even low-price competition.


What about non-standard parts? The penetration rate of automation is not high, especially for some difficult non-standard parts, the manual assembly cost is high, and it is easy to make mistakes, and it is impossible to correctly judge whether it is qualified.


Industrial mechanization has been widespread, for non-standard products, efficiency of manual assembly is low with high cost, and there are too many uncontrollable factors.The machine controlled by computer program can not only improve the production efficiency, but also effectively control the product quality.  


Here is one of non-standard product under assembly. One side of the inner ring is lengthened by 8mm, and the other side is lengthened by 20mm. One shift 8 hourscan produce 6500 sets,the important thing is that once there is a substandard product, the automatic line will automatically remove it.




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